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The Weekly dollop of digital grin from Smilespread. This this weeks selection of goodness includes… Twestival, a 24hr live crowdsourced session, Instagram on the map, Fizz, OMG and 3 months off!

One: Twestival – Think global, act local


The annual Twestival happened on 24th March and raised an impressive $478,914.92. With Saudi Arabia top of the table raising $64,856.75. It’s a great movement started by Amanda Rose in 2008, using social media to help plan events and raise awareness for charitable causes. The first event was a single event in London in 2008, two years on and it’s raised $1.2 million.
This year was focused on local non profits. Think Global, act local was the sign off and it’s testement to Amanda’s vision and insight that it’s creating such a digital movement. Volunteers created the official Twestival events, named the cause and got Tweeting and blogging to raise awareness, donations and attendees. See the impact here and the story so far here.


Two: Inspired by you. Maroon 5 and the 24 hour live session.

Maroon 5 and Coca-Cola invited fans to participate in a LIve 24 hour session with the band, where with the fans could help created the new track, by sending in suggestions and comments. The Facebook event attracted 8,714 invitees and the new track will be published as a free download on April 1. What’s more if 100,000 downloads are reached Coca-Cola will make a donation to charity *RAIN, which will help to provide clean water to people in Africa. Let’s see if the fans excitement will translate into a demand and boost to both brand and band. More here


Three: Cartagram – Instagram on the map

cartagram - intagram on the map

A nice map mash from Bloom – Data visualisation is their thing. Tapping into the intstagram explosion. Showing the most popular geo tagged images on a world map. Beautiful voyeurism – have a click around here.


Four: Fizz – Twitter and Facebook data visualisation

Fizz - Twitter data visualisation

Fizz is another project from Bloom, this one displays your Facebook or Twitter connections as a collection of bubbles. Take a look at your social Fizz here


Five: OMG gets in the OED -Oxford English Dictionary

LOL and OMG finally make it past the linguistic doorman and get recognised as official English by our beloved Oxford English dictionary. Good work, I’m looking forward to being able to get ROFL and LAMO into scrabble in the near future.


Six: Jim Ether – Gets three months of time off with Kickstarter


Just goes to show what a great and flexible model Kickstarter is. Artist Jim Ether paints awesome acrylics like the one above. But he needed some funds to be able to spend another 3 months doing what he loves. So that’s what he asked the Kickstarter crowd and he just recently got his project funded by 50 backers. In exchange for the support he gave away his art. Perfect meeting of demand and supply, made possible by a great digital crowdfunded platform. Everyone’s happy. More here


Seven: SKY – 60 Things in 60 Seconds

A great ‘flip it on it’s head’ idea from DDB New Zealand. Promoting My SKY in New Zealand you can pause the TV and not miss the game! Plenty of time for a husband break. Chortle, chortle… the spot shows us a humorous 60 second run down of 60 things a husband could do with a TV break. It’s great insight and thinking, plus brave on the brands behalf. Selling the service, by not showing it once and instead looking back out into our lives to connect and poke some fun. Now there’s no excuse, husbands… get My Sky :)

via The Inspiration room.

That’s a rap for this week.

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